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23 Questions to Inspire Your Content

Here are 23 questions to ask yourself to get the content flowing. Your answers to these questions will lead to lists, stories, lessons, and strong opinions.

To make sure that your writing gets read, we’ve added some ideas for driving traffic for each question. Great marketers always create content with promotion in mind.

SEO Indicate Relevance

How to Choose a Key phrase:

We do so by two criteria:

Do people search for it? Yes or No

Do we have a chance of ranking for it? Yes or No

If Yes and Yes = go for it.

How to Check KEY PHRASE Density

Use the Control + F Test PASS / FAIL

Internal Linking:

Links to the page that have the target key phrase?

Here’s how to find related pages on your website to link to:

Use the search operator: mysite:”keyword phrase” to find out all the pages on you/the url that have the phrase. Each page that has the key phrase is an opportunity to link to your new article.

….Another way to think about this: “You’re not done publishing something new until you have linked to it from something old. And that link is an opportunity to indicate relevance by using key phrase in the text of the link.” – @Crestodina – Andy Crestodina, Orbit Media

Links with the key phrase in the text of the link to the page are telling Google that the page your linking to is about that topic.



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