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Brace yourself.

Long story short

After serving as a Jet Mechanic on C-17 U.S. Air Force Aircraft, I was a model in Brazil before moving to Arizona. While modeling to make ends meat, I worked as a massage therapist while working toward my degree in journalism. I left halfway through. Thanks to journalism school forcing me to watch the news, my eyes were opened to the “deplorable” condition of mankind, specifically, the daily school shootings coupled with teen and youth suicide. I couldn’t sit by and watch, yet I was stuck feeling helpless; with two kids in preschool, my options were limited.

Long story short, I taught myself about web development and developed a web app social media platform called The Kind Wall. The Kind Wall is designed to stop suicide and bullying by spreading unexpected words of kindness. Still in its development stage, it’s in need of donations to program a sentiment analysis algorithm in order for it to function properly. As long as negative or harmful dialog is impossible, science (Newton’s third law) says that it should work by reversing the deterioration of humanity. See more below, or visit the KindWall gofundme page if you’d like to donate to the development. Pro Bono developers are welcome to contact me as well.

My Musical Movement Playlist

I am a passionate person.  I fall hard in love with my projects and it’s my love for these things that drive everything I do: love for God, my kids, people, other people’s kids, nature, helping, teaching.

The only way to live is to live for others.  

I am like you because like you, I am on a journey.  It’s easier to roll with the punches when you appreciate that a journey is an adventure and adventures are full of surprises.  Just as trails go uphill and downhill,  our life’s journey takes us up, down and around obstacles.  If it didn’t, it wouldn’t be a journey.

Once I realized that everyone on earth has their own ups, downs, and obstacles, I could understand that being alive wasn’t about my own problems or successes.  Although, inherently, we treat life as if it were all about ourselves, we can’t do anything substantial in this mindset.  Nobody cares about my problems, or yours, with the same fervor as we do because they have their own problems.  I know now that selflessness is the compass for life.  It’s the only compass that works as we navigate the right way through this journey.  And to be selfless means that even during my own obstacles I help others endure theirs to the best of my ability and without holding back.

How Can I Help You?

My Passion-Projects

These are my passion-projects that I am dedicated to growing.

Cuttlefish Social Media Marketing

Established in 2014, Cuttlefish Marketing is a digital marketing agency that specializes in search optimization.

The Kind Wall

The KindWall.com is a social media platform intended to stop youth suicides, bullying, and school shootings.

 KindWall gofundme


BibleTruthiness is my Christian alias on Twitter. In 2012, I gave up on my church and began my search for the truth. Recorded on @BibleTruthiness are the gems I’ve discovered along the way. Simply, it’s unbiased, opinion-free, and free of religious pretenses.

Grow Organic SEO

My journey for truth and secular endeavor to master the art of analytics has lead me here; bringing transparency, education, software, automation & protection to my fellow business owners. I make sure the technically challenged have a fair chance to find success for their business online. It’s sorta like a prepaid legal for marketing.


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