SEO Consultant

Just Call me “the optimizer”

Just kidding. Nobody calls me that. I wish. Hi, I’m Lauren, a Google trained SEO pro with a lot of experience in digital marketing problem solving. I develop strategies, and give honest digital marketing advice, answers, and guidance. Do you want to know anything else?


I Improve the quality of your consumer relationships by making their experience worth remembering.

Using best SEO practices and cutting edge techniques, I create organic experiences that keep customers coming in and coming back.

I stand against cookie-cutter SEO and blind marketing.

I stand for my fellow business owners preventing you from fruitless digital marketing endeavors that go nowhere.

Grow Your Traffic

Grow your online presence and get the right edge over your local competition. Have a consistent presence across online search and even voice search


Save Your Time

Let me help solve your problems, provide website strategy, keyword research. I want you to focus on the important stuff – running your business while my software keeps your basic marketing covered.

Have Support

Sustainable results from online marketing takes a level of clarity on your end. Without it, you’re taking a gamble every time you outsource your marketing. I won’t let you make bad marketing moves. That’s it. No games.

Welcome to Model of Digital

Hi. My name is Lauren from Scottsdale, AZ and I help drive new customers to you.
I’m a digital marketing professional consultant by day and an SEO expert by night. My motto is to inform everyone & optimize everything. In 2014, I left the corporate marketing world to spread my digital wings and let the internet (and Google Academy) take me as far as I could go.

For nearly seven years I’ve helped dozens of businesses across the USA gain higher visibility and free leads across the internet. My digital services provide smart marketing for internal marketing departments & managers.

Whether you want to increase customer reviews, or hourly consulting services, your local business will continue to grow with Organic SEO services. Branded SEO is key in 2019.

“We went with Lauren after being told that we hit a ceiling with our organic website traffic.

Our content was attracting the wrong audience and had no direction. Nothing was happening. After using Lauren for three months, our phones were ringing. Lauren connected our sales and marketing teams with funnels and optimized our whole operation for conversions. So happy that we made the change when we did. Numbers don’t lie. Highly recommend.”

Natalie & John, Owners
Fountain Hills Recovery


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How Does SEO Analyst Lauren Help Grow Your Business?

Local SEO

If you are a business requires local SEO, I’ll help get your on-site and off-site SEO in order via design tweaks, content creation, local business listings, and social media profile optimization. Next, we’ll get your analytics in order. this is the technical part that drives your results through the roof. The more we know about your audience a the way they consume, interact, and engage with content online, the better the results.

Content Marketing

If website content, and copy aren’t your strength, I can help you discover the right type of content for your specific market segments. I’ll ask lots of questions, review your competitors, test a lot of creative and then make recommendations on how I can help you serve your audience.

Experienced SEO Consultant who builds a profitable partnership

If you want to find success online and be noticed for your services, hiring me as your professional SEO will guarantee you the results you’re after. The difference between a fancy SEO agency and me is that I provide a more personal approach.

Just fill out the form and let’s get started on this journey together. I offer a free website evaluation, not a generic report.

Why Hire An SEO Expert?

As a digital marketing consultant, or Google-trained search engine expert, clear the blind spots, and create a clearing to your destination, and then I provide the way to get you there. As my client, you’ll have access to countless little-known resources and be given information freely providing you with enough knowledge and analytics to make smart marketing decisions before investing in any marketing.

8 Reasons Why You Should Hire SEO Analyst Lauren

Get Back To Running Your Business, Use Your Time Wisely Your Time

If you run an entrepreneur or you run a business then you know that your time is precious. If you don’t apply your knowledge and skill where your business needs it, then it’s likely you won’t see growth. It’s also likely you’ll feel tapped out.

There are so many ways to waste your time trying to increase your web traffic yourself: learning outdated tactics and practices, keeping up with algorithm updates, acting with a limited scope of knowledge, understanding and following your competitors, remaining strategic and competitive, or meeting with marketing firms that provide depressing results.

My job is to alleviate your worries and to replenish your already taxed time and energy. I do this with loyal, custom advice, and software that keeps your basic marketing covered.

Google Trained Expertise at Your Side

When you hire Grow Organic SEO, you can rest assured that you’re getting the most relevant insight and services around. You’ll know what makes the needle move for your business. You’ll know how to make your website not only attract more visitors but convert them into customers as well.

Once my customers get clear, they make confident marketing decisions and attract free inbound customers and sales online.

Drives Revenue to Your Business

Fancy websites don’t translate into new business. You work too hard to waste money on marketing that doesn’t communicate with your customers. Your content should speak to your audience, not at them. It should engage them, and let them do the talking. Not the other way around.

I’ll help blend your promotional content with your audience’s pain points and keep them engaged before and after they buy.

Social Media Update Videos

Each month Lauren covers new rules and algorithm updates that affect businesses on the major social media platforms, as well as search engines.

You’ll receive in your inbox update videos the fist of every month. If you intend to grow on Facebook and social media, then staying this relevant is necessary, and little known by most people.

You’ll find the Facebook Group and social media insight videos are invaluable regardless of what business or industry you’re in. 

Stays Ahead of Online Marketing Trends, and Your Competition

It’s not about who’s bigger or better. It’s about being first to execute. Most big brands have a lot of money but they move slow. We take advantage of that.

We stay ahead of trends and devise superior strategies so that you maintain a competitive edge.

Sustainable Growth, Long-Term Results

Yes, marketing is changing the more widely used voice search becomes. I’m integrating voice optimization into your SEO and we won’t stop there. You’ll stay rest assured knowing you’re prepared before it’s ever too late. You’ll have a history of ranking factors done with the finest touch, that aren’t going away such as review generation. Such things are optimized to strengthen the foundation of your online presence and maintain results no matter what change or update there is. 

All-in-One Marketing Dashboard

As a holistic local marketing service, I won’t stop at a few inbound client here and there. I enable business owners to monitor their rankings on search engine results. Furthermore, you’re provided with insights and data to help you better understand and manage the performance of your online presence. That means, even though it’s complicated, you’re always in charge of your online presence. You can call the shots because you’ll know what you need and how to tell when it’s working. If you’re an intern or manager, you can even generate neat, comprehensive, downloadable reports that can be added to your business’ database.

And the best part? You can operate your business’ entire online presence with one unified dashboard.

Control Your Own Insights & Reports

You can automatically track web rankings, traffic and more with integrated analytics presented in simple graphs. You can generate and download comprehensive reports to track and measure progress.


My goal is to prevent you from wasting time and money on online marketing that go nowhere. I want to help you grow your business by making SEO and digital marketing easy to manage, monitor, and understand before frustration leads you to give up on it completely.  

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