About Me

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Brace yourself.

Long story short

After serving as a Jet Mechanic on C-17 U.S. Air Force Aircraft, I moved to Brasil before moving to Arizona, where I continued modeling while going to college to attain my degree in journalism.

While in college, I started a business as a content marketer called Cuttlefish Content Marketing. While writing during a difficult time in my life, I had a friend who died from suicide. Losing her inspired my idea of a social media platform that only allows compliments and encourages in-person engagement and anonymity on the platform enables freedom of speech. The development of the project is only a few thousand dollars away from becoming a reality.

My content marketing service evolved into a solution for a ubiquitous problem: small businesses that need online visibility were uninformed and spending money on services ultimately not right for their current needs. They were throwing money away every time. I encountered too many small businesses paying for search engine optimization services that weren’t receiving results. As an SEO who cares more about people than I do making an excess of money, I couldn’t handle it any longer. That’s when I started Grow Organic SEO, dba.

By providing companies with full ownership of their reporting in Google Analytics, and creating custom reports aligned and that speak to their bottom line, as well as key performance indicators, we help so many small businesses get out of the fog from lousy marketing investments and in front of their audience where they can finally gain new customers. Many of our clients then request us to create a competitive strategy to continue to grow and we are thrilled to do that for them. 

My Musical Movement Playlist

I am a very passionate person.  I fall hard in love with my projects, and it’s my love for these things that drive everything I do: love for God, my kids, people, nature, helping, teaching, encouraging whenever possible.

…It’s easier to get through trials when you focus on helping other people with their trials. 

Like you, I am on a journey.  It’s easier to roll with the punches when you appreciate that life is an adventure, and adventures are full of surprises.

For fun and personal growth, I read the Bible daily, studying it for hours. I am one of Jehovah’s Witnesses so you might have received a letter from me or a visit on your doorstep :). I climb mountains. Mountain trails are rocky, they wind up and down, and sometimes things jump out at you, but there is still so much to enjoy. Life is the same; it’s full of obstacles that we must navigate, but so beautiful when you can enjoy it. 

How Can I Help You?

My Passion-Projects

These are my passion-projects that I am dedicated to growing.

Grow Organic SEO

Grow Organic SEO is where I practice and advise search engine optimization SEO consulting and services business under the Cuttlefish Marketing LLC. Here I endeavor to assist businesses in search engine optimization. The truth about what they need, competitive strategies, and help them take control of their own success online. 


Bible Truthiness

My journey for the truth as it relates to God, starting in 2012. Recorded on @BibleTruthiness are the gems of truth I discovered along the way to becoming a Jehovah’s Witness in August 2019. These Tweets are unbiased, opinion-free, and free of religious pretenses.


The Kind Wall

The KindWall.com is a suicide prevention social media platform intended to stop youth suicides, bullying, and school shootings.

Donate to the development of this project here: The KindWall gofundme