Do you know why I love organic digital marketing? I love organic marketing because organic is all about relationships.


The initial processes of keyword research and competitive analysis make the connection possible.

The website architecture and design, technical SEO, and research analysis establish that connection. A person with a problem meets the one with the best solution for them. As if that’s not beautiful enough, what happens next is even better.

After meeting, the relationship grows stronger as a result of genuine concern: checking in, offering support, providing educational and valuable information without a motive.

The information is so valuable because it wasn’t ordered, copied and it doesn’t exist elsewhere. It was the result of honest customer feedback that came out of genuine concern: checking in and offering support. Mixed with data and analysis and you’ve got a life-long relationship. Meaning, my client now has a customer who’ll rave to their friends about their business. Because care and attention truly are what create quality a relationship, and relationships are how businesses grow.

And so the cycle continues.

That’s why I will always be an organic digital marketer.

What about you? Why do you do what you do? Is it a passion-driven out of a desire to help people? Whatever drives you to do something, share it with us. You could encourage someone else, which is pretty cool.

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