Most SEO’s also know to check the mobile view, but sometimes it’s the little things that we first forget…

The following is from an email sent by my director of SEO.

I know most of us totally are, but it came up recently that not everyone is routinely checking out their site’s mobile view.

For so many reasons we really should be. If you are not, please start.

Simulated Chrome Mobile Browser view

  • right-click & select “Inspect”
  • Select Device icon
  • Select the relevant device from the drop-down

Actual Chrome Mobile Browser view. Chrome has a built-in feature to send your active Chrome tab to a mobile device.

  • Chrome must be installed on the device
  • you must be logged in to Chrome profile on both devices
  • right-click the tab (or on the page) you want to push out
  • select “Send to your devices”
  • select the appropriate device from the list
  • open Chrome on that device & click “Tab received. Open”