Do you want to learn how to make your business grow with digital marketing? Are you using social media, but are unsure about what you’re doing?

Hi, my name is Lauren. I’m a Google trained marketing expert – and a certified/experienced digital marketing consultant here in Scottsdale.

Why I train and educate business owners

I help prevent my fellow business owners from bad, uninformed marketing mistakes and needless spending. A little knowledge goes a long way when you’re able to make smart marketing decisions that grow your company.

Some things I can do for you: I will audit your website, troubleshoot problems getting results, I can create a strategy for you to implement, or I can provide guided marketing if you want to learn Social Media Marketing and Google Search marketing.

You will know:

  • where you should be focusing your marketing efforts.
  • what it takes to get reach and attract the people who will buy and engage with your brand.
  • tips to gain followers on social media platforms.
  • how to show up in Google Maps search with Local SEO
  • how to manage your online
  • reputation and get better reviews.
    You can even have the tools to manage this all yourself and I will train you or a team.

Contact me, and include your business and what you’re interested in learning from the lists above

Email Subject: What you want to learn
Email body: Your Business, or industry category. When you’re available and phone number.

Please and

Thank you.