If you’re here reading this then you know how running a business online feels. It’s more than a lot of work, so we tend to accept that every task is going to be difficult and that’s just what comes with the territory. I know you know that, but here’s probably something you don’t know: it actually is harder, not easier, than we think we’re making it out to be. 

It’s not a secret that 99% of businesses fail. Yes as long as you do one thing, that 1% is as good as yours. As long as you’re always focusing on the one thing that is making the needle move the farthest in a particular stage, you’ll grow because you’re doing an action that ensures results. But this isn’t a business post reiterating what most of us learned in our 2os, (I’m also not one to beat a dead horse). No, this is a digital marketing blog and I’m talking about the most important piece of each puzzle we approach every day, The end user, the audience.

There’s always only one guaranteed way to be successful online and without it you fail.

Not only will you get more clients but if you can

know your audience better than your audience knows your themselves, you’ll have a business that stands the test of time.

So, we’re not like McDonald’s or Nike. Many of us have a marketing and research budget of less that $10 , so how do we learn? So, how can you do this? Welp, in my world, you track, ask, and repeat. But this is for your world so I’ll break down so you can keep coming back to this article or reference until you’re a pro and growing online.

By tracking properly you gain insight to the characteristics and psychological triggers, buying patterns….trackable behaviors that reveal how your consumers behave when facing or even thinking about a problem that your product or service provides a solution for.

Once you know some of that data, the more you can hone in on those. Over time, you continue to grow and never turn back. Now, if you’re concerned about Facebook, don’t be. Facebook and other social media play a role in figuring out all of this. And when you have enough information to create a strategy. That’s when it’s time to use social media as much as you want to stay visible and top of mind. So when your target customer is thinking about planning a vacation, you’re already in her mind as the travel agent with a special that she’s seen and read about for the past six months.

That’s just an example, but you get the point.

If you take anything away from this rant, let it be this: PLEASE stop spending money boosting Facebook posts because you’re going to kill your business.

If you haven’t gone down the rabbit hole of boosting posts blindly on Facebook, great. I have a different piece of advice that I am begging you to pay attention to Please do not hire people or spend any of your precious time on a single trick or tactic including social media unless you have a data-driven strategy, that is making the needle move and you have to have reports to back it up. If you do not have data, you will not succeed. Someone else will succeed.

You know who’s going to succeed and is already (other than Facebook from people boosting posts)? It’s the businesses that spend hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars buying YOUR data because you’re their target market. Your buying patterns and online behaviors are becoming more valuable every day.

So, take a minute to think about that: if that’s who you’re up against, what can you possibly accomplish in terms of business growth with Facebook likes. Unless you have a strategy, a team, and a funnel that’s working…please, please stop worrying about Facebook likes, Twitter followers or posting on Instagram.

You need to worry about getting your product to the people who need it when they need it and analytics is the only way to do that. You never want to e=make yourseflf the star of your opowraton: the star is always the customer.