Hi guys!
As you know, I’m a digital marketing consultant. Welp, I’m SO sick of seeing so many people pay marketing agencies only to receive reports every month and no results.
If any of you who have a business want help understanding how to show up naturally in google search and in social media, I’m starting a monthly 90-min workshop for small business owners to understand where they are online and understand how to get to their destination.
I’ll audit your current marketing and show you what you need to do to grow your business and move the needle.
I want to help people/business owners understand what they need before they pay for it and help them get free sales from organic google searches. With the holidays right around the corner, it’s a perfect time to learn, especially if you are in retail.
But this is for all of you, so I need some feedback..
Does this sound like anything you’d be interested in attending? If so, what is your situation with online marketing? What have been your experiences in outsourcing digital marketing, or trying to do it inhouse?
Looking for feedback and interest ?