Thank’s for stopping in to read about my month. If you’re here, I love you.
I made a lot of great and large choices in September. I also made a few poor ones. Avert your eyes upward. (do you see it?) I want to give some background information about the .gif jumping over me. She is the byproduct of my downloading the app iOS App Zmoji that I was shown in my FB feed. From the looks of the ad graphic, I got the impression that it would take a picture of our pace and produce a bitmoji-type thing that looked like the said picture. Well neither of those things actually were true.
If you want to read about it, I suggest it’s a waste of time, but you can go to the blue link above. That takes you to the web page for Zmoji. Downloading this app was the worst decision I made. It looks nothing like me. My daughter also thought the choices were uninspiring. And the worst part is it’s $29.00. That’s weird…the lack of personification functions the developers gave it. The avatar app that can make you feel sad, it just can’t make you look it.
Moving on…..

It’s a Bird, a Plane, no, it’s a Career Curveball!

September was not what I expected, it was a lot more.
I had goals to make. Of course, these included a certain amount of money to cover my expenses, bills, and a training program that I didn’t really expect.
Their loss leader was a three-day business retreat / intensive. And a curveball. Still, I couldn’t pass up the offer. The training program is called Entrepreneur Simplified and their retreat was phenomenal. That’ll have to be its own blog posts in itself. The experience I had at this retreat was really awesome.

Our with the Old, and In with the New

Most of my goals in the business involved honing in on my product & who it really is that I want to work with and what projects I love the most. I did that at this retreat. And then, and I’m going to digress here, I had a call with my master coach post my signing the contract. She took one look at my website (Cuttlefish Marketing) and told me I needed to re-brand and that’s what I did. So now I’m finding my core client again,
I’m fine tuning my message and really what it is that I want to focus on because in marketing I have had so many clients from all across the board, like international furnishing and Design Association, which is a nonprofit international organization of designers and furniture builders and it’s an international market. And then I’ve got small mom and pop shops that want to expand their products for new eCommerce markets (so fun!!).
Those projects are fun and I was really great at them. I also work with substance abuse treatment centers & organizations, dog trainers, franchises, painting companies. So that’s nonprofit, behavioral health, trades, professional services, B2B, B2C, as well as retail clients. I don’t know why it’s so hard for me to zero in on just one when it’s what I do for my clients daily, but I have a phone call tomorrow with my coach in the morning and I’m looking forward to her help.

My Daily Goals – (Habit Breaking) – The Part Where I “Take Care of Me” 

I wanted to journal everyday this month, and I almost did. I am in the process of changing to become different in my thinking and beliefes. MEaning there’ s a daily routine goal where I do the same sequential things until old habits are broken and new and better ones (the ones that I want ) can start taking shape,
Overall, I’m waking up and praying first….cultivating a close relationship with Jehovah God (goal), then reading the Bible & meditating on the scriptures, next is journaling, followed by exercising. I haven’t worked out every single day, but I have been running laps around the volleyball courts at the park across from my house, and doing push-ups, squat, some sit-ups and lunges. Another daily goal was to persevere in prayer – to keep praying, no matter how I feel and just really make an effort every day, to build an intimate and close relationship with God( top goal).

Monthly Goals – To Tie It All Up

The two monthly goals I also accomplished were blogging at the end of every month, and to do some more continuing education with Google Academy.
I actually did complete two more courses, so that makes three Google Analytics certifications: Google Analytics for Beginners, Google Analytics Advanced, and Google Analytics for Power Users. Yay!
I’m involved in a side project that’s coming together with Norm and it’s called social foundation where we’re going to offer built-for-you training to network marketers in the health and wellness categories.
My rebrand is another product and it’s a huge project. I’m going to kick it off with a loss leader workshop. The company is Grow Organic SEO and though it is exciting, I’m not exactly sure how I’m going to make the shift with Cuttlefish. The website has the aged domain authority and I really hate to throw away all that work I’ve put into the site and lose that authority. So I have a lot of reaching out & prospecting in my future. I need to get the branding down so I can get on that because I desperately need KPIs to measure.

Discoveries in Tech

Then I have the resources that I love or found this month and want to try and share with you: Google Academy, of course, it’s free training. I would really recommend checking out the Google Academy if becoming proficient and Google Analytics is something that you have the time for and it makes sense for you. Also, the Web app prospecting tool that I want to try is called Datanize. Then is an old one and it’s not always useful for inspiration but you can draw ideas from the historical A/B test campaigns from the past. Also, it’s a good place to checkout long-form copy for ads.

In Conclusion

So, that was my summary of September. Not the most interesting blog post in the world, but it’s just my overview. I’ll do a summary at the end of every month (or first week in the following) every month and I’ll start blogging more regularly in detail about events as I get used to it. At least I’m being accountable. And if you’re reading this, you’re awesome. And if you’re not, you are too. Either way, goodnight, and goodbye.


  • Find my core customer (my Elk)
  • My core product (Elk food)
  • Journal every day/ish
  • workout every day
  • blog at the end of the month (at least)
  • Continue Google Academy Training – investing in myself

Goals Accomplished

  • I found my Elk & Elk food
  • Persevere in prayer.
  • Completed Google Analytics Advanced Academy
  • Also Google Analytics for Power Users


Rebranding Cuttlefish Marketing to (dba) Grow Organic SEO, branding, website, prospecting for loss-leader workshop to train businesses owners on SEO and everything they need to know to grow their business on searches on the internet.
Webinar – Social Media and Content Marketing Training for Cosmetic-based MLS’s
Of course, I have to RANK MY NEW SEO WEBSITE!


  1. Google Academy
  2. Datanyze is the leading technographics provider, helping B2B companies apply unique technology insights to identify and close their best accounts.  For: B2B. Creating target prospect lists if you’re a Java-based solution. Browser extension.
  3. Just Reach Out  Attract journalists. Pitch with relevance. For: PR. Attract Journalists. Free Trial.
  4. Profitable Marketing Inspiration & Analysis. The place for copywriters & marketing minds to dissect & discuss great marketing examples. For: Long form copy.